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Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options. 

There may be some services you are looking for, which I do not do.  However, I may know someone who does!  So feel free to ask me about them if you need specific advice.

Email Management & Audit

Email communication is the standard in today’s world – aside from WhatsApp, Teams, Messenger…the list goes on.  People send emails for business and personal communication, and the number we send and receive (not to mention the ones that tumble into the junk folder) become a torrent of words and ‘bumf’.  Email management involves managing your inbox, sifting through the subject lines and ensuring you reply to the important emails. It also involves cleaning your email inbox so there is no clutter. Even though it is a simple activity, it can take up much of your time.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Proofreading & Editing

If workflow is holding you up and preventing you from ticking off your to-do items, having an astute eye to proof read, cross check and edit your documents can help you supercharge your efficiency.  Proofreading, editing, and formatting are vital for refining written content, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and adherence to standards.  I have extensive experience spotting typos and grammatical hiccups that affect the professional presentation of important documents and communications. I provide proofreading from e-mails to websites, tenders, manuscripts and beyond.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Diary & Calendar Management

Are you experiencing a clash of appointments, forgetting that very important date or just struggling to do your day job because you’re in back-to-back meetings?

Let the Virtual Office Pearl help you to tame your inbox, prioritise tasks and events, set reminders and manage conflicts and overlaps so you make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Audio Transcription & Copy Typing

Are you rushing from meeting to meeting, travelling overseas or just drowning under a never ending to do list? Then simply dictate (or pass on your handwritten) meeting notes, letters, e-mails or a list of reminders you really do not want to forget, and the Virtual Office Pearl will type them all up for you so you can be sure you are organised.  Alternatively, I can transcribe files such as webinars, recorded minutes, meetings or Interviews and provide either a clean transcript and/or a ‘verbatum’ transcript with all the communication in raw form.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Meeting Arrangements & Reservations

I can effectively support my clients in booking off-site meetings and making reservations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process. I will help you to save time, focus on your core tasks, and ensure that your meetings and reservations are handled professionally.

I can also offer assistance with any additional requirements related to the meeting or reservation, such as arranging transportation, organizing catering, or providing any specific equipment or materials needed for the meeting.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Travel Arrangements & Reservations

Making travel arrangements, staying productive and remaining stress-free requires planning, which you probably don’t have time for. Let the Virtual Office Pearl take care of the details and manage your flights, ground transportation, hotel, meetings, notes and everything in between.

Contact me today to discuss your next trip. I can plan everything from the minute you leave your office to the moment you return, even to the point of reconciling your expense report.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Event Co-Ordination

The Virtual Office Pearl works with clients to deliver unique and memorable events, from a simple business meeting to gala evenings and private parties. I work with you to understand your branding, budget and desired outcomes, particularly when creating that unique invitation that has everyone clamouring to be on your guest list.

Stuck for personal, corporate and seasonal gift ideas? Then I can help you with those too.

Contact me to discuss your next meeting or event.

Website Improvements & Content Updates (WordPress and Canva)

Take control of your brand’s online presence and make a lasting impression. Your website serves as the gateway to your company’s essence and acts as your virtual address. It’s the go-to destination for stakeholders and potential customers seeking information about your business, the latest updates, and significant milestones achieved along your journey.

If you’re struggling to find time to add that latest interview or article, or your website is in need of updates with broken hyperlinks, worry not! I possess expertise in WordPress and can lend a hand.  Want a simple new website? I can create one for you in Canva.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Brand & Style Guide Integrity

By maintaining brand integrity, a brand can build trust, loyalty, and positive brand associations among its target audience.  It differentiates the brand from competitors, establishes credibility, and fosters long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders. Ultimately, your brand plays a vital role in shaping your organisation’s image.

Do your documents display different styles and brand colours, incorrect and distorted logos? Do you and your staff all have different e-mail signatures?  Ask me about template packages and how they can make your administration easy.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements or refer to my pricing options.

Digital and Audio Content

in collaboration with

Do you want to go to the next step with your marketing and promotion.  Don’t know where to start?  I have formed a collaboration with RAMP media, a full service content agency specialising in connecting brands, talent and audiences through powerful digital and audio content strategies.

They create market leading social media content for every platform.  In addition, they produce highly engaging video content, designed to elevate your brand’s visual presence.

Contact Phil here and mention The Virtual Office Pearl or contact me to discuss your specific requirements

Mailchimp Newsletter Design

Even though e-newsletters are one of the most common types of emails to send, they can be the hardest to get right. Your newsletters need to be on brand, engaging and uncluttered. The Virtual Office Pearl can work closely with you to create communications that are interesting and relevant. 

Contact me now to chat about your news!

PowerPoint Presentations

Delivering effective and powerful presentations is critical to business success. However, creating a presentation that keeps your audience engaged and your message memorable, can be quite a challenge. The Virtual Office Pearl can help you overcome some of the common mistakes that many people make.

Contact me to find out how.

Digital Printables & Templates


Watch this space for further updates…

In time for Summer (when I can pack away my wellie boots and brolly after this very wet Spring) I will be introducing a new service offering a wide range of digital printables and templates to download – for both business and personal use. My collection will feature a diverse selection of professionally designed resources that are ready to enhance your productivity, creativity, and organisation. Whether you’re planning a special event, organizing your finances, managing your schedule, or seeking artistic inspiration, my collection will cater to your unique needs and taste.

To introduce my exciting new service I am kicking off with an exciting offer.  Everything I offer will be designed with you in mind, and this is no exception!  Want to know what that secret ingredient is that can bring you success?  Well, its’ YOU!

Each one of the ‘good’ habits that successful people have is one that YOU can build on. 
It just takes practice!

So, click on a style that suits you, read and enjoy!

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