The Virtual Office Pearl gives you the greatest flexibility on pricing. All services are available by the word, by the page, by the hour, or by the project.

Below is a list of my minimum charges* and my full range of packages available for those clients requiring ongoing support.

Please contact me for your free consultation and no obligation personalised service quote**

(All prices quoted are subject to GST and my Terms and Conditions)

*Discounts are available for Charities, and some not-for-profit organisations.

**Prices quoted in the list below are an indication of my minimum charges, and will vary according to the project and nature of the work involved.

What is included?

Each package and every quote includes all phone calls, emails, local travel and meetings so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you open your invoice. I make sure to let you know when you’re reaching your time quoted (if taking advantage of one of my packages), so that you can decide how best to proceed.

I am always happy to extend and add extra hours should you require it, and provide another quote accordingly before continuing with the work. I ensure we work together as business partners, so you feel fully supported and up to date with all billing and payment decisions.

Proofreading and editing





Proofreading only By the word From $15 per 500 words Minimum charge $20
Proofreading, formatting and editing By the word From $25 per 500 words Includes document restructure and dynamic link checks
By the hour From $80 per hour For large/technical projects






Standard Copy Typing By the page From $50 per page Excludes tables and spreadsheets
By the hour From $80 per hour Larger projects
Standard audio transcription By the recorded minute From $2 per recorded minute Standard playback, minimal background noise, 1-2 speakers
By the recorded hour From $120 per recorded hour Note: 1 audio hour can take more than 4 hours to transcribe!

 All other services




Hourly Rate General office support $80 per hour Discounts apply for charities
Packages (pre-paid) per month Rose – 10 hours

Pearl – 25 hours

Gold – 40 hours

Rose $750

Pearl $1750

Gold $2600

Valid for 60 days, i.e. unused hours can be carried over to the following month
Monthly Retainer

(pre-paid) puts you at the front of the queue

Basic, Premium (most popular),  and Executive


$1400 up to 20 hours

$3900 up to 60 hours

$6000 up to 100 hours

Each block is valid for 30 days. Original commitment to be 3 months

 Please also see my terms and conditions